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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dr Wayne West’s continued intellectual dishonesty on fisting felching & chariot racing by homosexuals in Jamaica

Firstly homosexuality is not just about sex and a perception by some of our opponents as a supposed desire as gay or bisexual persons to convert, impose or force non homosexuals into committing gay sex or becoming gay as if one can influence sexual orientation by mere pressure, the rest is by choice (excluding the odd case of abuse where psychological control of another is the motivator NOT SEX as in prison rape etc) worse yet an insatiable appetite to enter another’s excretory crevice if you will, if one were to follow some of these speakers aligned to or involved in the religious right movement one would get the impression we are doing the aforementioned incessantly such as an older comment by for example noted outgoing political Ombudsman Bishop Hero Blair on a World Focus interview where he said he did not want his sons to be turned gay by another man.

Now the Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society, JCHS's co-chair and founder Dr Wayne West has been on a quest in recent months to in his words “prove moral nihilism” by the gay lobby locally and by extension with international help as he ascribes universality of a world view that LGBT persons are operating on a principle of anything goes without boundaries as it were and looping us all as aesthesis, humanists, secularists or an embodiment of the anti-Christ for that matter. LGBT Christians probably need to speak out more than their atheistic counterparts to debunk this notion being made into a fact for some, probably due to the fact they have gotten so much prime time attention.

I doubt the gay lobby for all intents and purposes of which I have some near twenty years involvement outside of its own sometimes flawed agitation which I have openly pointed out and opposed seek to usurp the law or any moral codes for that matter when privacy and consent are pinged to our call for the repeal or decriminalization of buggery it is in fact in respect to morals why the insistence as matters of sexual decisions are private ones as already exists in the hetero-normative if not patriarchal construct that now obtains. Just mere public romantic displays of affection between heterosexual lovers are not so popular (except dry humping act carnival or a dancehall setting proving the paradox that we are and highly sexualised our culture is) not even on the famed valentine’s day activities that have become so commercialized. Nihilism suggests numbness to governmental authority then if so would there have been some uprising already or widespread buggerers plugging every adult male owned rectum they could find, given the believe system that we are here to convert or make others into buggerers themselves?
As captioned in the post’s title nearly every time Dr Wayne West gets a chance to be it on television, radio or on his blog on Wordpress he lumps penile anal sexual activity by gay men and the push for the repeal or decriminalization of buggery in Jamaica as seeking rights for fisting (use of one’s fist to penetrate another’s anus for sexual pleasure) scat (playing with or use of faecal matter as lube for penile, object, sex-toy or fist penetration or eating of such residue) and felching (eating sperm from another’s rectum), bare backing though one the rise does not just by my cultural examination lead to ejaculation in another’s rectum. He goes as far as to post links to scat sites and repeatedly publishes overseas studies sometimes very old ones on HIV infection and other psycho socially linked matters with reparative therapy hints and while doing so omits the sections that do not suit his strategy and also deliberately not include links to the full documents so one can peruse them for their own enlightenment of edification, thank God for Google.

Strange for someone who is opposed to homosexuality, one wonders if these are his own fantasy playing out in opposition to homosexuality or a hit at his own gay son? (photo below)

Besides we know via studies that sometimes the vehemently homo-opposing bigot in public is sometimes a closet case.

To complain of moral nihilism is one thing as it totally overlooks any remote chance of LGBT Christians ever existing in Jamaica but also dishonestly paints atheists as gay, a lumping many heterosexual atheists have been rejecting such generalizations and a cry that has been getting louder but to now use deceptive intellectual gymnastics similar to his own gay son Dr Keon West (above) whose recent piece on gay marriage in the Jamaica Observer entitled Out of Many One People presented a kind of pernicious attempt to push tolerance supposedly on our behalf, an intolerant view of intolerance if you will one can recall the dress down he got from noted seasoned journalist Ian Boyne in his Gleaner In Focus piece dated October 21, 2012 where he described the veiled attempt under the guise of intellectualism to show a supposed muzzling of freedom of speech at the time when the anti gay group Love March carried out a public demonstration on the buggery law’s retention.

Now it seems on the opposing side like son like father a similar style is being presented to us and we must also call out this Manichaean style or a that is so easily employed to oppose homosexuality or any thrust for recognition and rights. If morality which includes by the way truth, ethical and fiduciary responsibility are to be the pillars which Dr West (the father) is standing on to promote nihilism well he is not doing a good job, for that past several posts on his blog he alludes to the extreme anal practices and fetishes as normative for gay men especially those of local African descent which most of us are, he often precedes his entries with terms such as legalizing fisting felching, for example:

The “rights by stealth” strategy to fisting, felching, rimming, farming, scat, chariot racing etc

Dunce, Diseased and Depraved . (suggesting anal sex is by depraved persons)


Legal rights to anal penetration, felching and chariot racing ?

Sure we choose whether to practice receptive or penetrative anal activity and or rimming he knows very well that sexual acts do not define an individual but I can assure him it is by penile penetration mainly. The only thing remotely close to a fist or on a fist that may be used as foreplay before the act is committed (and if it is done at all as outer-coursal pleasure can be just as good including a good blowjob) is a finger which is used to probe or prepare the orifice for entry or to apply water based lubricant or in some cases as in the older days before the visibility of such helpful implements lotion, Vaseline or butter in extreme cases were substituted for lube. This information is readily available in previous studies involving members of the population.

Fisting, Felching, Fishing, Scarring and Chariot Racing are not widely practised if any here in Jamaica that I can assure Dr West as while Jamaica MSM enjoy anal pleasure we are clear on not going the route of the “dutty foot” designation, as for condoms those are used but we can argue as to the proper application of such barriers hence the high rates of HIV in the MSM population. The colloquial term is used to describe someone who in a passive/receptive position may have inadvertently soiled their partner during intercourse is "dutty foot" which can happen but can be avoided and that reputation can be most embarrassing in the community if found out or revealed by the aggrieved but most cases not even the aggrieved party wants that reputation to be out there either as he too may find himself the brunt of relentless teasing, the same pride and saving face that exists in the mainstream about cleanliness in certain things also exists here in or community so for Dr West to think we are shit lovers is a deliberate ploy to place some shock value to his cause and his readers about anal sex.

ways of applying fleet enemas to flush the anal region and an actual fleet that is now available locally

Anal penile penetration is not the untidy affair as he would want to make it out to be I have repeatedly said this via my own blogs and podcasts as many pharmacies nationally even in rural areas no longer hide related paraphernalia behind the counter any more where one would have to whisper to the clerk for them but now even in the caustic climate that we are in can purchase lube, fleet and disposable enema kits and flushing packages quite openly barring the failure of nerves and prying eyes of those who perceive such products are only bought by gays. I have had my own share of stares when making my purchase but I feel proud doing so at least I am fresh and prepared for any eventuality.

After all enemas are not only for pre-anal sex cleansing but also for persons with bowel movement issues, persons with constipation problems and some elderly patients who need supervised living services via homes and a caregiver and other medical challenges regarding the extremities.

Rimming (oral anal contact which does not necessarily mean penetration by such method – a tongue) is also not such a wide practice locally just by cultural observation again, scientifically it may be difficult to capture how wide spread this is done but given the above mentioned enema methods now part and parcel of some of the HIV prevention strategies for MSM though much more is needed I can imagine there is some interest. As for chariot racing (A sexual position involving four individuals. Most commonly two men and two women, but four men can also enjoy this position) we hardly have that here again from cultural observation group sexual activity between SGL persons is usually not so cooperative and more with one dominant partner or several dominant partners and one passive etc.

I doubt we will ever see signs like this any-time in our country, besides such private practices are left to individual choice and may not necessarily become mainstream even by gay/bi male standards as we come to see since the long standing discourse about anal sexual practices overseas.

photo from Raunchy Laundry

Even if we were to look at fisting and the others that Dr West so readily use to promote his arguments not to free up buggery (when he could very well be promoting them for us and the public to become used to in the long run hence the shock value is diminished) fisters have their own set of products for preparation of such a far more painful but somewhat pleasurable episode as we know the anal region is lined with mucous membranes that assist with sensation (how else could you know if you want to use the bathroom?) just Google fisting products and see the results and to numb the pain the resourceful poppers are available which is also used by heterosexual couples who practice double penile penetration, Dr West is silent on that part where straight couples do other forms of penetrative acts. Poppers come to mind although concerns have been expressed about users experiencing low iron levels or hemolytic Anemia.

internet image of an example of a described fister inhaling the substance from a Poppers bottle to numb the pain of the exercise of fisting

Fisters, felchers et al exists in sub sub cultures of the greater men who have sex communities worldwide but mostly in Euro and Caucasian populations in such groups as bikers, skinheads (racist or not), leather communities (which may include persons of African descent in the US I have noticed) and a few others so I just want to smash in any way this notion being paraded by the goodly doctor that such practices are universally practised.

 His colleague Reverend Clinton Chisholm recently held a seminar on Homosexuality Clinical and Biblical Perspectives in April of this year where old US based NARTH, National Association for Psychoanalytic Research and Therapy of Homosexuals commissioned studies were readily presented and believed by mostly supporters in attendance and of course the sanitized and monitored question and answer section showed the need to tailor the narrative dishonestly to suit the anti-gay push, very little room was allowed for pro-gay audience members to speak. 

Let us also not forget his Gleaner article on February 5, 2012 entitled Homosexuality: Clinical Realities where he promoted for the most part reparative therapy also using NARTH’s misrepresented studies bearing in mind several researchers have complained, distance themselves and even taken legal action against the entity but such studies are still being paraded as the pariah to justify their opposition to homosexuality and related rights. He looked at pederasty for example where he said the Greeks had sex with boys when data on the matter it was teens that were favoured, to use “boy” suggests homo-paedophile abuse or sexual assault a subtle to paint adult male homosexuals as predators when the most common form of same-sex relationships between males in Greece was "paiderastia" meaning "boy love". It was a relationship between an older male and an adolescent youth. 

A boy was considered a "boy" until he was able to grow a full beard. In Athens the older man was called erastes, he was to educate, protect, love, and provide a role model for his eromenos, whose reward for him lay in his beauty, youth, and promise.

The roots of Greek pederasty lie in the tribal past of Greece, before the rise of the city-state as a unit of political organization. These tribal communities were organized according to age groups. When it came time for a boy to embrace the age group of the adult and to "become a man," he would leave the tribe in the company of an older man for a period of time that constituted a rite of passage. This older man would educate the youth in the ways of Greek life and the responsibilities of adulthood.

The rite of passage undergone by Greek youths in the tribal prehistory of Greece evolved into the commonly known form of Greek pederasty after the rise of the city-state, or polis. Greek boys no longer left the confines of the community, but rather paired up with older men within the confines of the city. These men, like their earlier counterparts, played an educational and instructive role in the lives of their young companions; likewise, just as in earlier times, they shared a sexual relationship with their boys. Penetrative sex, however, was seen as demeaning for the passive partner, and outside the socially accepted norm.

An elaborate social code governed the mechanics of Greek pederasty. It was the duty of the adult man to court the boy who struck his fancy, and it was viewed as socially appropriate for the younger man to withhold for a while before capitulating to his mentor's desires. This waiting period allowed the boy to ensure that his suitor was not merely interested in him for sexual purposes but felt a genuine emotional affection for him and was interested in assuming the mentor role assigned to him in the pederastic paradigm. The age limit for pederasty in ancient Greece seems to encompass, at the minimum end, boys of twelve years of age. To love a boy below the age of twelve was considered inappropriate, but no evidence exists of any legal penalties attached to this sort of practice. Traditionally, a pederastic relationship could continue until the widespread growth of the boy's body hair, when he is considered a man. Thus, the age limit for the younger member of a pederastic relationship seems to have extended from 12 to about 17 years of age.

The ancient Greeks, in the context of the pederastic city-states, were the first to describe, study, systematize, and establish pederasty as a social and educational institution. It was an important element in civil life, the military, philosophy and the arts.There is some debate among scholars about whether pederasty was widespread in all social classes, or largely limited to the aristocracy.

Simon Levay's 2010 book

Even with the inconclusive results of the genetic basis for homosexuality (as he quoted Simon LeVay – the researcher who looked at INAH3/brain development) Rev Chisholm like Dr West still hold the view that homosexuality is a lifestyle and nothing more and is based on pure need for illicit sex and nothing more. I am convinced it is not for ignorance of Dr West et al part why such a strategy has been taken using this lumping method but a calculated attempt to used shock and disgust of what persons perceived penile anal penetration to be diving in a cesspool and to play on that supposed disgust to thrust the anti gay agenda. Let us also not forget straight couples practice buggery too, whether the buggerer is bisexual is immaterial at this juncture.

Here is one of his quotes from his blog:

“Fools rush in where wise men never go”

The secular worldview which is driving the LGBTTTI agenda is amazing for its incoherence.

The ideologues claim “rights” when in their philosophical framework human beings can have no more rights than any other animal which has evolved from undirected and purposeless chance.

More than that, in their philosophical framework there can be no law as there can be neither free will nor objective morality.

Consistent with this incoherence secularists regard eating faeces (scat) and sucking semen out of each other’s rectums (felching) as “normal and positive” behaviours.

Naturally and predictably disease in this population is high yet the incoherents are agitating and voting themselves oxymorons such as same-sex marriage.

Despite the overwhelming scientific data which indicates that Men who have Sex with Men have higher levels of HIV and STIs the incoherents resort to name calling (haters, bigots and homophobes) to pursue a destructive lifestyle.”

To focus on “the sex” rather than the holistic approach for the same sex attracted individual and other variants in developing understanding even if one is opposed to the sexual aspects of the orientation smacks of open religious intolerance on a deceptive platform. We have seen over the years the powerful Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship as well to which Dr West is also aligned constantly referring to homosexuality as a “lifestyle” than orientation as if to infer it does not innately exist.

How can we ever challenge these men with varying forms of deception and to think they cause the gay lobby of being deceptive as well?

Truth wins out always on all fronts I say. We may have very well given the religious right some of the ammunition they now use as our own narratives and the lobby has been flawed as well and sometimes frothed with half truths too that I will admit but can two wrongs make it right or can opposing sides ever arrive at a workable place?

Left in time to be seen, anal penile penetration is here to stay Dr West or as in local parlance “batty sweet” it is not the untidy affair he wants his followers to believe and we certainly don’t practice fisting, felching, chariot racing in any large numbers or if any. The attempt to universalise those practices with our local populations is downright dishonest at no time be it in the Parliamentary submission from 1998 or the agitation prior to that nor in any discourse for the law’s removal or at the HIV prevention level were any additional non-penile anal practice added or hinted to apart from buggery as we know it via penile penetration to my knowledge. Sex toy usage was only discussed as a safer sex method at the HIV prevention level and as an additional form of sexual play to enhance relationships for academic purposes, data collection for such activities is not easy to come by and we are not a culture just yet though seemingly increasing that uses toys and shops that retail them as substitutes or enhancers for homosexual or heterosexual sex for that matter.

Finally my last comment on his post on Dunce, Diseased and Depraved

has not been published as he has a right not to approve such but I hit the nail on the head with his deception I think, selective reading and interpretation of a study as detailed as this is again downright deception at work, it read in part:

“ continued intellectual dishonesty here via ascribing universality to felching, fisting and scatting (your favourites) to an American demographic with anal penile penetration and to think nowhere in the abstract/study itself spoke to the latter practices.

Moral nihilism indeed but whose part I now wonder when this is your strategy here when relegating a group as depraved, who are you to judge?

NOWHERE IN THE FULL STUDY which I read were the other practices you so readily try to ping onto MSM as general practice appeared in this study as factors.
hhhmmmmmm who is Dunce now dear Doc or for that matter depraved when you sink to this level to misrepresent data to suit your own agenda?

The Conclusion you posted above from the study raises the fundamental question: WHY?

"Compared with MSW, MSM differed significantly on all demographics and reported a higher prevalence of condom use at last sex (62.9% vs. 38.3%) and of past-year HIV testing (53.6% vs. 27.2%) but also more past-year sex partners. MSM HIV and P&S syphilis rates were 2526.9/100,000 and 707.0/100,000, each of which was over 140 times MSW rates. Rates were highest among young and black MSM. Over 4 years, HIV rates more than doubled and P&S syphilis rates increased 6-fold among 18-year-old to 29-year-old MSM."

The rest of the study which you conveniently left off this post speaks to several other factors:

HIV/AIDS Surveillance Registry Health care providers and laboratories are required by law to report new cases of HIV infection and HIV illness and AIDS cases to the NYC DOHMH. We extracted data on males aged 18–64 years who were newly diagnosed with HIV (with or without AIDS) between 2005 and 2008 and reported to the HIV/AIDS Surveillance Registry through June 2010. Data included patient race/ethnicity, and age and transmission risk at the time of HIV diagnosis. Males reporting a history of sex with males, either as a sole risk factor or with injection drug use (3.4% of the 6767 known MSM with new HIV diagnoses from 2005 through 2008) comprised the numerator for the estimated rate of new HIV diagnoses among MSM.

Consistent with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention definition of heterosexual risk, males whose reported transmission risk was a history of sex with females with a history of haemophilia HIV infection, injection drug use, transplant, or transfusion were classified as MSW. Among HIV-diagnosed male cases with known transmission risk, 81% were MSM, 11% were MSW, and 8% had other reported risk; 29% had unknown transmission risk at the time of report, which is comparable with the national figure.7 STD Surveillance Registry Health care providers and laboratories are required by law to report reactive syphilis tests and syphilis of any stage to the NYC DOH MH, whose staff attempt to interview all P&S syphilis cases. We extracted case reports for males aged 18–64 years diagnosed with P&S syphilis between 2005 and 2008. 

Reports included race/ethnicity, age at diagnosis, and sex of partner for interviewed cases (61% of male cases). Interviewed males reporting sex with males or with both males and females during the referent period (3 months before diagnosis for primary and 6 months before diagnosis for secondary syphilis) were defined as the numerator for the estimated rate of P&S syphilis diagnoses among MSM. Males reporting sex with only females during the referent period comprised the numerator for the rate among MSW. Among P&S syphilis–diagnosed male cases with known sex of partner, 89% were MSM and 11% were MSW. Due to lack of interview or refusal to report sex of partners, 42% of male

P&S cases could not be classified as MSM or MSW.........................

Another important piece of this study that must not be overlooked is the authors' recognition of the flaws in data collection at source via the health systems - "................. A critical step is improving STD/HIV screening and testing coverage to increase the number of persons who are aware of their infections, which can lead to behaviour change, decrease secondary transmission,and link infected individuals to care, treatment, and prevention services. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s 2010 STD Treatment Guidelines call for annual STD/HIV screening for sexually active MSM and more frequent screening for MSM who report high-risk behaviours To achieve this, it is imperative that providers are skilled in identifying MSM. A substantial proportion of MSM do not identify as gay. Therefore, providers need to be competent at taking a non judgemental sexual history that ascertains sex of sex partners and specific sexual practices with all partners.

In conclusion some of us do read and check to verify and not simply accept your word or that of others with your own form of subtle deception."

also see: Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society, JCHS continued confusion of paedophilia & consenting homosexuality.

Peace and tolerance



Aphrodite's P.R.I.D.E Jamaica, APJ launched their website

Aphrodite's P.R.I.D.E Jamaica, APJ launched their website on December 1 2015 on World AIDS Day where they hosted a docu-film and after discussions on the film Human Vol 1

audience members interacting during a break in the event

film in progress

visit the new APJ website HERE

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CVM TV carried a raid and subsequent temporary blockade exercise of the Shoemaker Gully in the New Kingston district as the authorities respond to the bad eggs in the group of homeless/displaced or idling MSM/Trans persons who loiter there for years.

Question is what will happen to the population now as they struggle for a roof over their heads and food etc. The Superintendent who proposed a shelter idea (that seemingly has been ignored by JFLAG et al) was the one who led the raid/eviction.

Also see:

the CVM NEWS Story HERE on the eviction/raid taken by the police

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May 22, 2015, see: MP Seeks Solutions For Homeless Gay Youth In New Kingston

War of words between pro & anti gay activists on HIV matters .......... what hypocrisy is this?

War of words between pro & anti gay activists on HIV matters .......... what hypocrisy is this?

A war of words has ensued between gay lawyer (AIDSFREEWORLD) Maurice Tomlinson and anti gay activist Dr Wayne West as both accuse each other of lying or being dishonest, when deception has been neatly employed every now and again by all concerned, here is the post from Dr West's blog

This is laughable to me as both gentleman have broken the ethical lines of advocacy respectively repeatedly especially on HIV/AIDS and on legal matters concerning LGBTQ issues

The evidence is overwhelming readers/listeners, you decide.

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Homeless MSM Challenges and relationships with agencies overview ........

In a shocking move JFLAG decided not to invite or include homeless MSM in their IDAHO activity for 2013 thus leaving many in wonderment as to the reason for their existence or if the symposium was for "experts" only while offering mere tokenism to homeless persons in the reported feeding program. LISTEN TO THE AUDIO ENTRY HERE sad that the activity was also named in honour of one of JFLAG's founders who joined the event via Skype only to realise the issue he held so dear in his time was treated with such disrespect and dishonour. Have LGBT NGOs lost their way and are so mainstream they have forgotten their true calling?

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Newstalk 93FM's Issues On Fire: Polygamy Should Be Legalized In Jamaica 08.04.14

debate by hosts and UWI students on the weekly program Issues on Fire on legalizing polygamy with Jamaica's multiple partner cultural norms this debate is timely.

Also with recent public discourse on polyamorous relationships, threesomes (FAME FM Uncensored) and on social.

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Human Rights Advocacy for GLBT Community Report 2009

What Human Rights .............

What are Human Rights?

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Human rights are the same for everyone irrespective of colour, class or creed, and are applicable at both the national and international level. In Jamaica, our human rights are enshrined in and protected by our Constitution. Internationally, there have been numerous laws and treaties enacted specifically for the protection of human rights.

Milestone document

Most notably of these is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This declaration is seen as a milestone document in the history of human rights. It was proclaimed by the United Nations, in 1948, as a common standard of achievements for all nations, and sets out the fundamental human rights to be universally recognised and protected.

The Declaration sets out the following rights:

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

No one shall be held in slavery or servitude.

No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Equality before the law

Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law.

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.

Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him.

(1) Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law.

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

Everyone has the right to freedom of movement

Everyone has the right to a nationality.

(1) Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution.

(2) Marriage shall be entered into only with the free and full consent of the intending spouses.

(3) The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State.

(1) Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others.

(2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

(1) Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.

(2) No one may be compelled to belong to an association.

(1) Everyone has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen representatives.

(2) Everyone has the right of equal access to public service in his country.

(3) The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government;

Everyone has the right to education.

Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.